A Fresh Approach

A school’s food program is a key ingredient to improving student wellness and an easy investment that can directly impact the happiness and performance of students. Unlike many of our competitors, many of whom have been the backbone for cheap convenience/processed foods, our product selection and menu development allow us to offer healthy and delicious dishes that your patrons will embrace. We understand that food impacts more than just physical wellness, but also impacts behavior, mood, concentration and other psychological factors that can impact a student’s daily performance.


While many schools across the state will spend another year with the same cost-driven strategies, you have the opportunity to take a fresh approach. An opportunity to quickly surpass patron, board, and even state expectations. Together, we can quickly turn your school’s food service program 180 degrees and headed in the right direction.


Our goal is simple – provide unmatched quality, service, management, and efficiency, changing the way organizations run their food operations. With Benchmark, our turnkey services go beyond the kitchen, and help to reduce liabilities, eliminate administrative headaches, establish accountability and much more. With services designed to fit the needs of the individual customer, you’ll find that Benchmark improves efficiencies, improves service and improves the school as a whole.

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