At Benchmark Food Group, we realize that educators are more concerned than ever with providing a safe and healthy environment for their students. And with childhood obesity growing at alarming rates, proper nutrition has been thrust to the top of “fix-it” list. While the solution is combination of efforts, a move to healthy, fresh, and tasty foods in the cafeteria should be the number one priority.


At Benchmark, we embrace the opportunity to work with your school in order to create a solution that can make your life easier and bring your cafeteria into the 21st century. From menu planning to kitchen cleaning, our services are tailored to fit your needs and can accommodate almost any size school. Our food strategy, staffing, and volume buying help your school to get more value for their dollar and our customized solutions allow Benchmark to tackle specific concerns.


By taking a fresh and simplistic approach to food service, Benchmark is able to provide almost any level of service to your students. Under the guidance of chefs, nutritionists, and actual restaurateurs, your kitchen staff is trained to provide healthy meals, kid-friendly dishes, and more flexibility.


Our solutions are your reward and with no preset packages, there truly are no limitations to what we can offer your school. We welcome you to learn more about Benchmark and how our solutions will do more than just provide you with a better meal.

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