Cafeteria Services
Services for Pre-K – 8 grades will be provided by the main cafeteria.  The services will vary slightly by grade and offer more freedom to the older kids. Grades Pre-K – 2 will only have the option of purchasing a tray/drink in order to encourage consumption of all items on the tray. They are not allowed salad, a la carte, or other options.  Grades 3-8 will have the ability to purchase all options, however, options may be less robust for grades 3, 4 & 5. Teachers will determine meal counts during morning attendance.

Tray – $3.40
This is the basis of our monthly menu and will include a well-rounded meal for a value price.  Trays typically include an entree, sides (veggies, fruit, starch, etc.) and a drink, but will vary by meal. Meals may also include bread, soup, dessert or other item. Portions sizes are slightly adjusted by grade and are based on average student consumption and dietary guidelines.  We anticipate offering desserts as part of the meal on Tuesdays.

A la Carte – $3.40
Offers an alternate entrée option plus a healthy side (typically fruit) and a drink. These items change daily, but are typically consistent from week to week. This strategy prevents students from eating the same item every day, yet allows for variety and choices. A la carte items may include items such as burgers, chicken sandwich, wraps, and more. Items may change monthly based on student feedback.

Salad –  $3.40
Like the a la carte, the salads vary by day but are typically consistent from week to week. Drink is not included. Salads may include items such as chicken caesar salad, asian salad, chef salad, and more.

Extras –
Students will be allowed to purchase other items (health bars, chips, fruit, veggies, double orders, extra sides, desserts, premium drinks) in addition to their regular meal. Likewise, they are allowed to purchase seconds. While we recommend managing purchase decisions at home, please contact us with questions or for alternate solutions.

Ice Cream –
Students are typcially allowed to purchase ice cream on spirit days and jeans days. Ice Cream may be offered on other special occasions. In any event, ice cream may only be purchased with cash to help insure parental approval/support.  K-2 is $0.50 while 3-8 is $1.

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