Accounts & Payments

All students are issued cafeteria accounts, regardless of usage. You do NOT need to take special action to create a cafeteria account. All transactions are applied to student accounts for parental monitoring. *Students are typically identified via biometric scans (fingerprint) and thus, ID cards are not needed with our systems.
*Younger student payments may be entered manually since “Extra” purchase options are not available.



Cash and check payments are welcomed and may be delivered to the school offices, cafe, or cafeteria at any time. Please make checks payable to Benchmark and note your child’s name and any allocation instructions. Credit card and check transactions may also be made via LUNCHTIME system (see below).

Funds in your children’s accounts are yours until used and thus, please maintain a positive balance in your accounts.  Accounts in a negative balance are subject to service refusal, weekly fees, or limited meal service. A $2 service fee will be added to any account in a negative status at the close of business for the week.  Accounts less than $20 will receive “Low Balance Email Alerts” on Monday afternoon, so please make sure the cafeteria has your updated email information.



All accounts are managed via the LUNCHTIME software system. The system offers online account management and review at  Parents must create an account on the website in order to gain access to their child’s information and make payments. After the account is created, you may add children to the account using the school PIN number and name. If you need a PIN number or additional assistance, please contact us at:  Please note that credit card and checks processed online incur a small fee.


If you already created an account, please click here to log in.

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