Cafeteria Services

Services for all grades will be provided in the cafeteria/gym as they have been in the past. The services will vary slightly by grade and offer more freedom to the older kids. Grades PK – 2 will have the choice of purchasing a tray or the deli option. They are not allowed salad, a la carte, or other options. Grades 3-8 will have the ability to purchase all options. Teachers will determine meal counts during morning attendance.


Tray – $3.40

This is the basis of our monthly menu and will include a well-rounded meal for a value price. Trays typically include an entree, sides (veggies, fruit, starch, etc.) and a drink, but will vary by meal. Meals may also include bread, soup, dessert or other item. Portions sizes are slightly adjusted by grade and are based on average student consumption and dietary guidelines.


Deli Box – $3.25

Offers a basic sandwich option, chips, a fruit or treat of the day, and a drink.


A la Carte – $3.60

Offers an alternate entrée option plus a healthy side (typically fruit)and a drink. These items change daily, but are typically consistent from week to week. This strategy prevents students from eating the same item every day, yet allows for variety and choices. A la carte items may include items such as burgers, chicken sandwich, wraps, and more. Items may change monthly based on student feedback.


Salad – $3.60

Like the a la carte, the salads vary by day but are typically consistent from week to week. Drink is included. Salads may include items such as chicken caesar salad, asian salad, chef salad, and more.


Drink Only – 40¢

Milk & water may be purchased for those who choose to bring their lunch or as a second drink.


Extras –

3rd graders and older will be allowed to purchase miscellaneous items (health bars, yogurt, seasonal fruit, parfait, chips, fruit, veggies, desserts, premium drinks) in addition to their regular meal. We encourage you to discuss your personal parameters with your kids, however, the purchase of extras can be blocked or regulated by account.


Seconds –

Children returning for “seconds” is dictated by the school. In most cases, children in grade 3 or higher may return for additional food IF the vast majority of their meal has been consumed…. not just the good stuff! Children returning for “seconds” on a healthy item are rarely charged for the item. We applaud those who make healthy choices and good eating decisions.



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