We are exited to be the management team for SEAS food services and honored that you continue to entrust Benchmark to help provide delicious meals for your kiddos.  We pride ourselves on being a custom food service solution and thus, each location we operate is treated independently. From quality of ingredients to sales management, you will quickly see that every aspect of the food service program is built to accommodate the school’s requests. While many of the services will appear similar to past years, we hope you always recognize an unmatched energy behind the food service program and the ongoing tweaks that make your program thrive. From quality of ingredients to portion sizes, we fine tune the program on a regular basis and constantly work towards patron satisfaction. We hope this site provides program details and answers to common questions; however, the cafeteria team is always available via email at SEAS@benchmarkfoodgroup.com or by phone at 405.622.3600.

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