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St. Philip Neri  OVERVIEW

Most state and privately run kitchens fall into regulation and staffing issues that unintentionally promote the use of prepared foods and low quality labor.  At Benchmark, we lean on an experienced team to prepare quality meals and a management team that realizes cutting corners is not a solution. Throughout the year, you will see actual chefs and experienced cooks working in the kitchens, quality ingredients, increased portion sizes, improved communications, parental account monitoring systems, and more.


Benchmark focuses on providing quality, healthy meals for students, yet provides options that allow students/parents the ability to make smart choices…choices that work within budgets, health concerns, and individual preference. By providing more choices as a student gets older and allowing parents to monitor eating activity, students are happier with their food options and families are able to make/monitor decisions that can help establish long term eating habits.


Forget the Lunch Box!  The school lunch program can only improve if we have the support of parents, kids, and the school.  We encourage you to leave the lunch box at home and encourage your kids to try the menu. While we understand that most children, if given the option, would prefer Mom’s PB&J every day, this does not establish healthy eating habits and only facilitates a child’s reluctance to become independent.

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