At Benchmark Food Group, we know that happy members are your number one priority. We realize that as the Greek system continues to evolve, food service is quickly becoming the key ingredient to member happiness and ultimately a full house. It’s the one investment your house can make that can directly impact recruitment, retention, and fellowship over the upcoming years.


Our roots are in the Greek system. Not only during our collage days, but with our first customers who agreed that they deserved more from their food service providers. With so many years in the Greek system, we truly understand the many nuances that come with Greek operations and the many customers that live under the same roof. We know all too well that no two houses are alike. And with every house, there are traditions, house directors, advisers, members, recruitment programs, formals, and hundreds of other variations that require custom solutions.


But it can be done! You can have a thriving food program again with members that want to live in the house.

Good Parking + Great Food = Full Houses




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