Unlike most catering companies, local cooks or member management, the Benchmark team brings experience to the table. This experience translates to big improvements to your organization’s quality of life. With years of combined experience in catering, nutrition, kitchen management and fine dining, your Benchmark team provides a broad knowledge base to our clients. With an expertise in all areas of the industry, we hope that you consider Benchmark an extension of your organization… a resource that can help address a wide variety of concerns.


• Member of the Oklahoma Restaurant Association
• Executive chef that oversees product develop and training
• Team with both catering and restaurant management experience
• Nutritionists for recipe analysis and menu development
• Experts in making healthy or hardy meals
• Experts in staff management, payroll management and other operational duties
• Experts in kitchen management and code requirements
• Experts in high-volume food management
• Experienced Greek kitchen management
• Online & mobile menu management with member feedback tools
• Nutritional and kitchen consulting services available to all clients

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