Service Levels

While we are known for custom solutions and management of entire operations for locations like yours, we realize letting go of everything can be a little overwhelming for some. If you enjoy some of your existing staff and some of the responsibilities that come with kitchen management, let us help you find a hybrid solution that meets your needs. Benchmark is proud to offer menu development, limited management, and even discounted food buying plans that will improve your existing staff and reduce the costs of your food, chemicals, and other household items.


Delivery Services
Not all locations maintain a full service kitchen, nor do they require a full kitchen staff. Let Benchmark help develop menus that fit you needs, but can be delivered on a daily basis. From hot home cooked meals to cold deli spreads, delivery services are a perfect match for small to mid-sized houses.

Café Services
As our base level of service, Café provides houses with excellent food and service, while maximizing a house budget. We work with the house to reduce staffing overhead, encourage house involvement, and create a robust menus that focus on maximizing the dollar. Food service doesn’t have to be expensive to be great!

Bistro Services
Our most popular service, Bistro offers a well-rounded menu with a dedicated cook/staff. Foods include name brand foods, snacks, fresh meats, fresh veggies, fruits and more. Meals may include any variation of hot breakfasts, continental breakfasts, hot lunches, hot dinners, snacks, fresh salad bar, and more.

4-Star Services
For those who want everything and then some, our 4-star services are like having a restaurant in your house. An experienced chef will prepare hot breakfast every day and multiple meal options for both lunch and dinner. With made-to-order options, salad bar, premium snacks, ice-cream bars, nutritional drinks, omelet stations, brunch, bottled water and more, the sky is the limit.

Transparent Services
Concerned about giving up too much control? Want more input on expense management? Talk with us about cost-plus solutions that put you in the driver seat. All (or select) costs are passed through to you while Benchmark operates at fixed weekly rate.

Food Program
Love your staff but tired of getting hit with “street food prices” from various vendors? Benchmark food programs allow you to take advantage of our high volume price structures. No product restrictions, online ordering, direct billing, and more….

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